Spinning more pastel singles.  Took the day off yesterday…for the most part.  Had a busy time with a church Christmas potluck and chatting with family and friends on the phone.

This week’s agenda?  Well, at some point last week I did rewrite my artist statement.  So that’s done.  Let’s see what’s on my list…

  • plan a Christmas party and prepare for it,
  • Christmas shopping,
  • tutoring 2 mornings,
  • prayer partner one morning,
  • Crafting group one afternoon.  I’ll take my spinning.
  • Mailing Christmas parcels and cards,
  • Finish reading The Business of Art by Caplin,
  • Read I Just Want to Make Things,
  • Spin more fibre given to me years ago.
  • Fix my portfolio (take out the old style rugs and put them in a different portfolio – need to buy a binder),
  • Cut up silk/wool clothes and blankets I bought.
  • Check into some photography links my darling daughter sent me.  I’m trying to improve my photography skills. I suspect this will be carried over to next week.  Just seems like too much to fit in one week…

If I’m still alive by the end of the week I think I’ll take Saturday off and just veg out. 🙂

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