Pastel-yarn-1I finished processing the pastel yarn last evening!  That empties one box of fibre I have in my studio.  Of course, I have two or three more boxes to spin.  There is still a lot to do!

Today I have a student to tutor and a thesis to edit.  I hope to start ripping apart the wool and silk clothes I bought a couple of weeks ago.  That’s it.  My goal for today.  🙂

I managed to haul out all the Christmas wrapping supplies and wrap one box.  One more to go!  Then it’s off to the post office to mail them.  I am hoping to get the second one wrapped tonight, but it depends on hubby.  I’m waiting on him to buy two more gifts…

Have the Christmas cards all signed as well.  Time to decide what else to write in them. Maybe I should include a Christmas letter…hmm…  Will pass that by hubby and see what he says.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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