Santa Claus is coming to town.  Packages have been arriving daily.  We mailed ours yesterday.  I have been busy knitting a gift for a friend.  It will take a few days to complete.

I did not get back to my spinning yesterday.  Instead I figured out the logistics of Christmas.  We’re going Catholic this year!  They have a midnight mass Christmas Eve at the Cathedral, which is where we intend to go.  We have some people who attend church and some who do not.  So the others can stay home and either party or get much needed shut eye.

Today is technically a free day for me.  But I will spend the morning knitting, and the afternoon spinning and ripping up clothes from the thrift stores.

Hope everyone is having a great time preparing for the holiday season. 🙂

Update:  I actually felt a bit under the weather today, so spent a lot of time resting and generally taking it easy. I am glad I cancelled the party for tonight, because I could never have prepared for it.

I broke my circular knit needle.  Thankfully I have a friend who helps me out a fair bit.  She brought me a couple new ones, in case I broke one and needed a backup. 🙂

I also figured out what was making my spinning wheel go thunk-a-thunk every time it turned around.  I tightened a few screws and now she is wonderfully silent!

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