basketA new day dawns bright and early…well as early as can be expected in December in Canada!  Actually it is 6:15 AM and still dark out.  But thanks to my two or three naps yesterday and a good night sleep I am up and ready to go.

I received a shipment of DVDs from Interweave Press Thursday.  So far I have not been disappointed.  I watched “Spinning Silk” and learned all kinds of tips on handling silk.  I discovered I put quite a bit of twist in my wool yarn.  But it balances when I ply it, so I guess it is okay.

I watched the first part of “Know Your Wheel” and was able to fix my spinning wheel.  That was money well spent!

Today I will be working on my mystery project that I cannot show you till Christmas.  Hopefully I can finish it.

I also need to do some serious planning for Christmas food here.  Time to make a master grocery list.

Aside from the above, I will be spinning more pink singles and ripping apart more of the clothes I bought at the thrift store.  At  least, that’s my plan for today. 🙂  What happens is another matter.

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