Xmas-tree-1 Xmas-tree-2Nine days to Christmas.  I made my master menu and grocery list last evening.  We will see what actually transpires.  I think I will have two shopping trips before the big day.

In other news, look at this delightful pink yarn I spun!  It is so soft I do not think it will make good yarn for rug hooking.  But we shall see.

pink-yarnI ripped apart more thrift store clothes yesterday.  It is taking a lot longer than I thought.  I am into the wools now.

I am thinking about my plans for next year.  Lining up shows to send entries to and designs to hook.  Trying to figure out how to improve my photography skills affordably.

Today is going to be busy again.  I have tutoring this morning, but not before I get to the bank.  I have shopping this afternoon.  This evening I am going to finally finish decorating the house and do some baking.

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