MantelListening to David Allen’s Getting Things Done Fast.  It’s a conference in mp3 format that I can totally relate to.  I use a lot of David Allen’s ideas to jumpstart productivity.  His books Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything have really helped me get a handle on my time and managing it wisely.

He talks about using a system to keep yourself organized and on top of things.  That’s where I break down.  My system for remembering events is not working.  I think it’s because I have too many different ways to do it.  I have the family daytimer, the daytimer in my purse, my business planner calendar, and now, my iPad mini.

I actually discovered today the iPad mini has everything I need on it.  But to keep hubby in the loop about what’s happening I must also have a family daytimer. And then there’s my purse daytimer…so I can see what’s happening when I’m running around town, which is often.  I guess that’s partly why people have cell phones – as scheduling devices.  I really need to get this down to just two daytimers – one by the phone that hubby can see, and one I carry with me.

Yesterday I did manage to rip some more wool garments from the thrift stores.  I also went to the bank and grocery shopping.  I started spinning a gorgeous bamboo/Merino blend fibre into singles.  It is spinning a lot thicker than the pink yarn.

My ESL student did well yesterday.  She finished her homework.  I gave her a copy of Cambridge’s “Grammar in Use – basic” with the answer key and DVD.  I give my students the first book in the series, and they buy the next if it works for them.  Truthfully I find if I give this version of “Grammar in Use” to a student it is often used by multiple people in the home.  So I am effectively teaching more people English than I actually see in a week.  That is good.  I do not have time for any more students.  I need time for my creative work.

Today’s plan?

  • tutor another student
  • attend a potluck luncheon for the ladies fellowship
  • Christmas shopping
  • cleaning up
  • spinning
  • mail the last of the Christmas cards…I hope

That’s it.  A relatively slow day for me. 🙂

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