AngelSometimes in the hustle and bustle of the Season it is easy to lose track of time and not take the time to remember the Reason for the Season.  This morning I am up early to take time to read some Advent material provided by my pastor.  It is a welcome prelude to another busy day.

Yesterday I spent far too much time Christmas shopping.  I also enjoyed the luncheon with the church ladies and learning more about holiday traditions in South Korea.  While there I also dropped off gifts for the church and the needy.  This time of year is so important for the needy.  Especially in Canada where it is so cold.  I sincerely hope they are all inside safe and warm this Christmas.

Today I will be doing more Christmas shopping and spinning some more bamboo/Merino mixed singles.  This evening I have a prayer meeting at the church.  I may actually be able to fit in a phone prayer meeting with a prayer partner, but we shall see.  It is, unfortunately, not a priority for today.


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