tree-3Today I am very thankful for the young Korean ladies in my life.  My post is a bit later than usual because I woke up this morning to rush to the grocery store so I could buy the makings for a fruit basket.  I wanted to deliver it to one of those ladies this morning before my hubby took the car to work.  Mission accomplished!  🙂

Yesterday was a good day for achieving things.  I was shopping most of the day and finished shopping for stocking stuffers I think.  As long as I do some baking and chocolate making they should be fine.  I was to a prayer meeting in the evening.

I managed to start my Christmas baking even.  I have cookie dough that’s been cooling in the fridge all night, warming up on the counter.  I am in serious baking mode today.  I’ve put it off long enough.  I want to try some new gluten-free recipes to see if I can handle them.

I also have company dropping by for a bit this afternoon.  If I have time, I will spin more bamboo/Merino singles.  Sounds like a fun day. 🙂

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