tree-4Well it is getting close to Christmas.  I am triple booked this morning…actually quadruple booked.  We will see what happens.  I decided to not go to a morning potluck.  I have one tonight and one a day is enough!  I decided to not go shopping with our boarder.  I think I still have a student coming for tutoring.  And later, possibly overlapping, I might have my prayer partner show up.  Not sure as she is waiting for her car to cone back from its seasonal checkup.

This afternoon is more clear.  I will spin and bake some more.

Finally sorted out who is coming and going when over Christmas.  It will be a small Christmas Eve dinner and a small Christmas Day dinner, but by gum!  No one is going to miss the gift opening!  lol. There will be five of us around the table this year.  The boarder has been asked to work Christmas Eve, meaning she will miss our big formal meal, and she has chosen to hang out with friends Christmas Day because she does not like turkey!  It is actually traditional in her culture to visit friends Christmas rather than family.  We understand, but still she is like family to us and we will miss her at the Christmas dinners.

Well I better get up and started! Hope everyone has a good day!

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