Tree-1Yesterday did not turn out as planned.  My prayer partner showed up just before my student, and I was in the middle of gift wrapping.  Ah well.  Everything was dealt with and by afternoon the boarder and I were on a bus to do some shopping.  We arrived home just in time for the evening potluck.  We had a nice evening of playing games before bed.

Today I plan to get back at spinning and ripping those thrift store clothes apart.  I must get them out of the way before Christmas!

Update:  Spent the morning ripping apart clothes.  Still a couple items left to do.  The jackets take a long time!

Prepared more bamboo/Merino fibre for spinning.

Tried to bake gluten-free biscotti. It was a definite FAIL.  Sigh.  It’s the first time I ever tried to make biscotti and I burned it, after it crumbled on me…sigh.  Oh well, it still tastes good, as long as one avoids the burnt sections.  Might be good on ice-cream or just to nibble on tonight after supper.  Personally I’ve had my fill.  Maybe hubby and the boarder will eat the rest.

Listening to David Allen’s Getting Things Done Fast mp3 recordings.  He sure is down on ‘to do’ lists!  I have had great success using them.  But maybe it’s because mine often consist of his ‘next action’ items for specific goals.

I had great success with his idea of going through my inbox to get to ZERO emails.  I did it folks!  I emptied my inbox.  His ideas were instrumental in helping me achieve that goal.  I now have a clear idea of where emails need to go and what I need to do about them.


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