Tree-5On the home stretch heading into Christmas. I am still finding time to process the bamboo/Merino I finished spinning the other day. Then I will put my wheel away for the holidays…I think. I decided to hold off on ripping up the thrift store blankets in case I need them over Christmas. We have two extra beds to cover.

I have been baking lots of yummy gluten-free cookies. I have three more recipes to make today, and some more peanut butter cups to make. That will end the baking for today. Tomorrow will be a gluten-free, dairy free, sugar free pumpkin pie for me, Welsh cakes for hubby, and our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of tourtière and Danish rice pudding.

I’ve cleaned up my sewing room to make way for wrapping presents. Santa needs a place to work in private!

Later… I spent today baking with the boarder.  Lots of yummy smells coming from our home today. It may seem like I bake a lot, and I do, because I love to.  But truthfully our Christmas involves a mix of storebought and homemade.  Convenience and fun are my two Christmas mantras.  I love cooking and baking, so I do more than the average person.  But I am not above a storebought pumpkin pie and spray bomb whipped cream, both of which are in my fridge/freezer at the moment. 🙂

We stayed home today, which is good because it was -34 C below with a wind chill down to -42 C.  Staying indoors was a good idea.  The biggest surprise was seeing the poor mailman out in this! 

I have not processed my yarn yet, but am looking forward to working on it tonight.  Because it is so cold hubby is not doing his Christmas shopping till tomorrow morning.  He is my Last Minute Man.  So tonight we will clean house, do laundry, and generally prepare for company.

This will probably be my last post till after the holidays so Merry Christmas to everyone!  And I hope those who do not celebrate it have a Happy Holiday.

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