How is everyone faring? We had a great day yesterday. Opened stockings, ate breakfast, opened presents, went for a walk, watched a Christmas movie, watched lots of Corner Gas, ate supper, had a nap, played Monopoly while watching a fire in the fireplace, and just generally lazed around. Had a great day!

Today is Boxing Day in Canada. It is the big shopping day of the year…kind of like Black Friday in the U.S., only not quite so frantic. I am heading out this afternoon to exchange some gifts and purchase some with gift cards.

One of the nice gifts I received was money to renew my ATHA membership, so that will happen pronto! Plus I received Gene Shepherd’s book Prepared to Dye. From my quick look at it yesterday I have to say this is an excellent book folks! A lot of the tricks of the trade in it. Wonderfully presented. Easy to read from my perspective. It covers a multitude of dyeing methods. I am hoping to order the accompanying DVDs soon.

Well it is off to the shops with me! Have a great day everyone!

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