Been going through my In basket, in-boxes and various notes and notebooks to come up all the snippets of information needed to create a master plan for next year.  Still have to mindmap a few key areas to get an idea of how I am going to proceed.

People ask me how I manage to accomplish so much all the time.  Partly it is because I take the time to do all this prep work.  I find a little time spent organizing projects helps immensely in finishing the project on time and effectively.

I usually start with my vision or life mission statement and work down from there.  If a project does not fit into it, then there is little chance of it being completed.  I try not to take on those kinds of projects.  Though sometimes I find, due to a variety of circumstances, I am doing things I would rather not!  Invariably they go unfinished or result in shoddy work as I find it hard to focus and do quality work on something I view as irrelevant to my life goals.  Sometimes I will do things as a favour to people and find myself bogged down with someone else’s problems.  I am more successful at preventing that situation as the years go by.

The other key thing I do, and you have seen it on my blog, is to review where I am at on a regular basis.  I try to do it once a week, whether I post it or not, but sometimes I do not have time for a weekly review.  I definitely have to regroup and refocus every week to week and a half.  Otherwise I lose steam and motivation to finish things.

All these ideas are not new.  They come from a variety of personal time management books I have read over the years – mostly recently and notably Getting Things Done.  If you have problems getting things done, you might want to check out the time management section of your local public library.  It is a handy place to find good resources. 🙂

Hoping everyone has a great weekend.  I will be busy planning…

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