Thanks to Tony Buzan the world has mind mapping! I have been using it since 1994 to plan and record events, take notes, etc. I even have mind mapping programs on my computer and iPad. So I had no troubles sitting down and creating mind maps of various projects in the different areas of my life this year. I am going to be busy! Next up is to break the projects down into next actions.

Spent Sunday finalizing the main mindmap for the year.  Also deep in budget discussions with hubby.  Seems to be that time of year. 🙂

Next up?  Determining next actions on all my projects, and the priority of my various projects. Also filing events in my tickler file.

Went on a trip to Costco today with a friend.  Scored an Aupel business planner for $5.25!  Yep, it was on sale because it was so close to the New Year.  I like to have a low tech copy of my work plans.  I just do not trust technology to see me through.  I think it must be my generation…or just me.  I like the feel and smell of paper and would have a hard time giving it up.

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