Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year!  We chilled out with some Costco appetizers and carbonated juice New Year’s Eve.  🙂

I’ve been busy the last 24 hours.  It’s been good and bad.  The bad first…

  • We bought ink cartridges, came home and found two were broken?!
  • My website is down. Sigh…
  • Hubby was in a car accident.  But the good thing is no one was hurt, just the vehicles.
  • While we enjoyed a movie and a fire in the fireplace New Year’s Eve, our kitchen pipes froze.

Most of that happened by noon hour, so the boarder and I decided about 2 PM to crack out the appetizers even though hubby was still at work.  Yes, he drove our broken car to work.

The good news?

  • I finished making a list of next actions and plugging them into a mindmap,
  • I actually accomplished a few of them,
  • I applied for an exhibit,
  • I found out when the CVAF Street Fair is and blocked it off on my calendar,
  • Determined Bazaart and Dimensions 2014 information are not up on the Internet yet,
  • Updated my portfolio,
  • Organized my rug hooking class notes,
  • I baked Welsh cakes for hubby for New Year’s.  He loves them!
  • Watched camera video tutorials on YouTube
  • Found another exhibit that might suit my work,
  • Pulled together my receipts and material for my accountant.

I still need to organize the tax stuff, but it’s altogether in one place…I think.  That is good.  So while hubby is busy thawing out the kitchen pipes I think I will go back to working on the budget to see where and when we can fit in that kitchen renovation…

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