NYD 2 NYD 6 NYD 5 NYD 1Scenes around the neighborhood today. I braved a walk around the neighborhood with hubby in our -32 C wind chill weather.  I just feel so cooped up with this cold weather settling in again.

I had a relaxing day, punctuated by a nice long nap.  Naps are highly underrated in my opinion.  They are wonderful things!  🙂  A good nap refreshes and restores me.

I managed to sort through my spinning fibre and pull out the next blend to be spun – a silk/Merino blend.  It is a lovely mix of white, browns, and grays.  Should make lovely rocks in a rug…maybe for a shoreline or roadside…  I have it all wound in balls of roving ready to spin.

Finished downloading all my photography course, and watched more of it.  I am learning a lot between it and YouTube.  Unfortunately I feel like I am not seeing things.  After a year on the blog I feel I am running out of subjects!  Will play around here and see what I can do.

The budgeting sessions with hubby are complete.  Some minor tweaking and changes.  I took the opportunity to pull out my business receipts and organize them for my accountant.  I used to work for a man whose wife was an accountant.  I felt sorry for her every year at tax time when people would bring in shoeboxes of unorganized receipts for her to sift through and record.  As a result I have carefully labelled all mine and clipped ones in similar categories together.  I hope that significantly cuts down the amount of time my accountant needs to go through them.

On the home front I managed to clean up my cold room under the stairs.  It is a small space, but man, can I ever pack a lot into it!  🙁  It was a disaster!  Took an hour just for one small 3′ x 4′ room.  But, once done, it was so much easier to see what I had on the shelves and what needed to be used up.  I felt so good about it that afterwards I went through my basement freezer, writing down the contents so I can menu plan for the first half of January at least.  Now it’s onto an inventory of the upstairs cupboards, fridge, and freezer.  My challenge is to see how long I can go without buying food other than perishables.  If I want more cash for fun stuff, I just gotta bite the bullet on other things.  We have been eating entirely too well.

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