Jan112The holiday season is over now.  A sure sign is the china tiered tray taken down and put away.  Onto the new year with gusto!

I had a fun and productive day yesterday.  Lots more spinning.  Watching a Fundamentals of Photography lecture.

Started watching Building Blocks of Spinning with Sarah Anderson.  It is a good basic introduction to spinning.  I am refining my technique as I go along.  It never hurts to go back to the basics every now and then to brush up.

Jan16Sat down and finished hemming Tree 6.  Found out I have no hanging sleeves cut and sewn.  Will have to put that on my list of projects.

I also worked more on Lost Soul.

Jan109Finished off the day by attending and celebrating a little friend’s birthday…


And brought home some leftovers for lunch today…


Today hubby is home so we will be doing household chores – cleaning, laundry, and groceries.  It is bitterly cold outside so I think we will go to the grocery store closest to us.

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