silk-merino-1 silk-merino-2I finished plying the silk/Merino yarn. I am processing it today and hanging it to dry. I can hardly wait to see what it feels like when it is finished!

Yesterday did not work out as planned. My student was a no show, which was odd. I met her teenaged son, who has better English, last evening and asked him if she had understood. He seemed perplexed. So I simply asked him to let her know I would see her Friday. We will see if she shows. I’ll send her an email to make sure she understands.  Using the phone can be a bit intimidating for non-native English speakers.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the results of her not coming. Hubby had the day off. We ran errands and window shopped for games for when we have company. I have also been busy transferring music from our upstairs desktop computer to my laptop. The desktop is old and unnecessary. We have five computing devices between the two of us. They take up too much space. We need to streamline. The desktop is going. That leaves us with three laptops and an iPad mini. More than enough computers!

Once we empty the desktop we will recycle it, and sell the huge printer we bought last year and do not use. It simply takes up too much space. It is a professional printer that prints banners and such, but it is so awkward to use it is frustrating us half to death! Honestly, technology will be the end of me! We bought the printer when we thought our old one had died. Turned out it had not. It started working after a mysterious malfunction. Good thing we tried it before taking it in to be recycled! But here we sit, with two printers, only needing one.

Today hubby is back at work, so hopefully I can get back on schedule. I do have a Pumpkin Cheesecake I promised to make someone. But that will not take long to put together and pop in the oven. After that it will be smooth sailing. I hope…

My yarn is soaking and soon my other student should arrive.  We will see…  If not, more time for rug hooking! 🙂

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