Silk-Merino silk-tencelThe above is a photo of the silk/Merino yarn I just spun.  Lovely rock colours don’t you think?  Or maybe the side of a barn?  I have started spinning some silk/Tencel yarn.  It is a beautiful sky blue colour.

I hooked more on Lost Soul yesterday and plan to do more today.

WIP-Lost-SoulI was delighted yesterday to check my mail and find a cheque in it for some rugs!  Always a good day when that happens.  🙂

Two new books came in my mail: Spin to Knit and Finishing Hooked Rugs.  Hope to find time to look through them today.

booksSpin to Knit is a replacement book that I have used before.  It has a wonderful garter stitch pattern, Garter Scarf 1, in it that is knit from side to side, rather than end to end.  I have knit that pattern at least three times now, adjusting length and width depending on the wearer.  All three times it has been a hit.  Great pattern!  And very easy to do.  Results in a nice warm scarf too.

Today’s plan of attack?

  • visit with accountant re: business taxes (this could change my plan for the whole day),
  • deposit cheque in bank,
  • hook Lost Soul,
  • ply the blue silk/Tencel and process it,
  • watch another Fundamentals of Photography lecture or two,
  • spend some time helping a friend.
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