silk-tencel-r-gIn Canada we call skipping school “playing hooky”.  Means we did not go to study.  That was my day yesterday.  My ESL student came in the morning and we sorted things out.  I gave her a bit of a lesson, and sent her on her way.  I determined she knows and understands a lot less English than I thought she did.  Sigh.  We took it very slow and easy.

A friend phoned and invited me out to Costco.  As I needed to renew my membership, I jumped at the chance.  Spent the afternoon with my friend and totally neglected all rug hooking related activities.

Watched another lecture of Fundamentals of Photography.  Took some photos of an object with different backgrounds.  Not totally happy with this, but it is a start.

M-1 M-2Spun more silk/Tencel and plied it.  

silk-tencel-pastelThat was it.   Today will be a bit of a catch-all.  I have company arriving so I am putting the house in order.  However I am still planning on pulling a few loops and spinning some yarn.  I have the green and red silk/Tencel to spin yet.  They should make a nice pastel green and pink I am thinking, based on how the other colours turned out.  Looking forward to see what actually comes off the wheel!

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