silk-tencel-r-y-gMy silk/Tencel yarn I spun on the weekend turned out great for my purposes! 🙂  Nice and thick for rug hooking.

Today will be a ‘catch-all’ day.  Yesterday I pulled out our old wedding photos and discovered they had faded and whited out in areas.  It’s been 34 years now.  So hubby and I pulled out the negatives and he is digitizing them – i.e. scanning them into the computer, putting them on flash drive, transferring them to my computer, where I can edit them with Photoshop (I love that program!), before we save them to a CD to take to a proper photography place to print out quality prints.  This is a big job.  There are over 11 rolls of film.  We did one roll last evening, but now we know what we’re doing we hope it will go faster.

I made a sortie into the local camera shop the other day and was totally intimidated by the man behind the counter who did not seem to want to be much help.  So we left without buying anything.  I was wanting to look at lenses, and light diffusers for my flash.  Oh well.  Another day, sometime when I’m traveling, or online, or another shop.

Aside from the wedding photos, which hubby will work on today, I have to think of menus for the week and grocery shopping.

I plan on watching some more Fundamentals of Photography today.  Also pull some loops on Lost Soul.  

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