alpace-soy-silkWednesday is my busy day.  Between a prayer partner and prayer meeting I sandwich a crafting group.  I usually spin at the crafting group.  This week it will be the soy silk/alpaca blend above.  Somewhere in there I sandwich rug hooking.

Yesterday I managed to work on wedding photos, organize a slide show for my 2013 photos, grocery shop, tutor, and chat long distance with a family member.  I was delighted to come home from grocery shopping and find a late Christmas present of…guess what?

Wild-FibersYep.  Past issues of Wild Fibers and…

wedding-dressYes.  A silk wedding dress I sewed in the 1980’s. Returned stained beyond repair by red wine, to use in rugs. 🙂  Not sure I can use all of it, but some should be usable.  It has turned a cream colour from its original white.  Will have to check to make sure the colour change has stopped before using it.

Here’s to a productive Wednesday! 🙂

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