WIP-Lost-SoulOkay, I really need to get down to getting some things done today!  I am up early and off to a good start.  I have another ESL student this morning.  I am playing catch-up from yesterday.  I ended up doing household chores and scanning negatives into the computer, and watching all of the rest of Fundamentals of Photography.  I started a course called Cultures of the World.  Lots to do today!

  • Scan some books I have for rug ideas,
  • Hook on Lost Soul some more,
  • Scan more negatives,
  • Read Finishing Hooked Rugs,
  • Spin more soy silk/alpaca,
  • Get that prairie sky rug on backing if it kills me!

For the first one on my list, which I have already started, I have pulled off the following books.  Ideas can really come from anywhere.  I find studying the work of other artists in other media to be stimulating and intriguing.  I am off to the library to check out some other more traditional art books.

Inspiration-Books-2I am currently taking Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs online course.  I highly recommend Deanne’s courses as a way to expand your horizons and learn to hook.  I have taken most of her online courses to date – Wild with Wool, Wild with Style, Hooking People, and this one.  She is very generous with her information.  Her courses are well worth the money.


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