WIP-Lost-SoulIn retrospect I did not really have a great week for rug hooking this past week.  I did fit in all four ESL tutoring sessions, plus the group tutoring, and a prayer meeting.  I opted to do a prayer meeting by phone with my prayer partner.  It is shorter and we stay focused.  I am glad she is flexible like that.

But rug hooking…alas… I did work some on Lost Soul, but not as much as I had hoped.  I am working on the last quadrant of the rug center now.  Next will be the border.  It will require a bit of redrawing.

I drew the design for the larger Prairie Sky rug on backing last evening, but have yet to decide the design for the sky.  I think I will look back over the rugettes I have done in the past and see which sky might look best as a large sky.

I finished browsing Finishing Hooked Rugs.  Finally had a chance to sit down and read the latest ATHA magazine.

Was up to the local branch of the library looking for abstract art books, only to find they had none!  I could not believe it.  I will have to make a trip to the central library in downtown to see if they have anything.  Push comes to shove, I will have to wander over to the university and buy a card to use their books.  I did not think it would be that difficult to find abstract art books in a city this size.

I did go to Crafting this week and start spinning the soy silk/alpaca I had given to me.  I am finally getting a wee bit low on fibre, for which I am grateful!  I have been doing a lot of spinning lately and it is time to get back to rug hooking.

I started Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs course.  I really enjoy her courses.  I love that she includes videos in them.

I also finished Fundamentals of Photography by the Great Courses people, and have started Cultures of the World.  So far it is proving very interesting.  Not entirely accurate according to my South Korean boarder, but for the most part so.

I had cheques come in from the two shops I sell my rugs through.  That was nice.  I had my taxes done and sent in.  Last year is all wrapped up now.  Onto this year.

Today I will be:

  • sketching,
  • watching and reading Deanne’s Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs course,
  • reading Wild Fibers,
  • sewing hanging sleeves for 6″ wide rugettes,
  • and, last, but certainly not least, hooking on Lost Soul.


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