magazineOne of my ESL students was accepted into a more formal full-time learning situation.  I am excited for her and wish her well.  As a result I have two mornings open during the week.  This is good.  It gives me more time for rug hooking and my abstract rug hooking course, which is what I need right now.  So I am shifting gears to work more on those.

I spent time yesterday spinning and finished the soy silk/alpaca singles.  Hopefully I will ply them and process them soon, maybe today.

Other objectives for today?

  • read some of Wild Fibers magazine back issues.
  • sketching from my microscope book…some rough sketches for the abstract course.
  • hooking Lost Soul.

In the process of searching for abstract artists I have come across some fabulous Christian abstract artists!  Check out Jaison Cianelli, Mark Lawrence, and Ruth Palmer.  Now I am growing interested in abstract art I am going to have to poke around a bit and see what, if any, books have been written on contemporary Christian abstract art.

bookUpdate:  Remember the contest is open until Sunday midnight!

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