WIP-Lost-Soul-4I managed to accomplish a few things this past week, after a slow start.  I seem to have busy days.  The loss of one of my ESL students to an institute of higher learning has been good for me overall.

I managed to finish the first lesson in the Beginning to Hook Abstract course.  I am looking forward to the second lesson. 🙂

I finished spinning, plying, and processing the soy silk/alpaca.  I am now down to very short soft fiber to spin.  These would not be useful for rug hooking, so I am leaving them for now.  I have been scouting around on the Net looking for affordable fiber to spin.  I have to decide whether to buy it ready dyed or to dye it myself when I dye my cloth and yarns.

I have been reading some Wild Fiber magazine articles.  I was gifted with ten back issues, and boy!  Do I ever appreciate them!  It is nice to have such a quality magazine to find information on the world of sheep.

I am about halfway done the last quadrant of Lost Soul.  It is slow going as I am trying to control the colours so they do not get out of hand.  I want the rug to have continuity from one section to the next.

I have been busy sketching most days this week and have pages of rough sketches/compositions for rugs.  Time will tell how many of them are actually turned into rugs.

And last but not least, I organized the contest, which is still running till midnight Sunday.  If you are interested in winning the 5 yard bundles of 10 different homespun fibers, just post in the comments here, and I will add your name to the bucket for hubby to draw a winner. 🙂

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