pine-cone-patternStill working on Lost Soul, but I also have a few geometric/abstract kind of things happening right now. I am trying a new primitive linen backing and I am liking it better than the other backing I have been using.  Unfortunately as far as I can tell it is only sold in the U.S.  Means I’ll have to pay duty and customs on it when I bring it in, upping the price.  Still, it’s a dream to hook on.  I’ll have to figure out the relative cost to what’s available in Canada and see if it’s worthwhile switching to it.

I tutored my ESL student yesterday morning and she had to cancel Friday morning.  That works well for me as I have loads of stuff to work on this week.

  • hook Lost Soul,
  • hook Mud Fight,
  • hook Pine Cone,
  • hook an abstract bud shape,
  • hook a very enlarged cross-section of an okra…not sure what I’ll call it yet.
  • read more Wild Fibers,
  • spin some undyed Corriedale I found in my fiber bag,
  • spin some silk/alpaca, if I have time.

I might even have time to make some hanging sleeves for those small 6″ rugs!  We’ll see.  I also want to make sure I am entered in a local sale for the springtime this week.  If I don’t hear from them by Friday, I will go park myself in their offices with my application form and a cheque for my space.  I am hoping my partner in crime will go into the sale with me again this year.  But if she does not, I will still take part.  It’s just plain fun to.  I think I will take my hooking to work on this year.  It gives me something to do and entertains the public.

With that in mind, I have to start drawing, and hooking my spring line.  But that will be next week’s goal…

okra-pattern bud-pattern

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