IMG_0469_0382The fourth quadrant of Lost Soul is finished!  Onto the border now. 🙂

I had an email from NY Arts Magazine wanting to promote my work and possibly exhibit it.  Only one catch.  They expected ME to pay a “production fee”.  A brief search of the Internet revealed this outfit can charge from $500-5000 for production fees to promote your work.  For anyone else out there who might be interested…I do not pay fees to exhibit.  If you want to exhibit my work, you pay the “production fees”, not me.

Hubby and I were off to a local mall this morning to run some errands and check out a camera store.  We hit pay dirt.  The lady was mega helpful and I will be buying from that store from now on.  She was able to talk to me about my old flash and using it off camera.  She was also able to show me affordable lenses for what I want to do.  She did not have what I wanted, but they can order it.  So I am saving money to buy some camera equipment in the near future.

I am busy rug hooking again today…and working on my abstract course.  Hope to have more designs drawn in my sketchbook by the end of the day. 🙂  Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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