Bud-2Finished this little rug (8 x 10″) on the weekend.  It is an enlarged view of a leaf bud under a microscope.   I think I will call it “Bud Light”. lol  No, I will think of something else.  The Budweiser people might come after me about that name.  For now I shall just refer to it as “Bud”.  I am so unoriginal with my names.  I think I need a course in creatively naming rugs!

This week’s plans…

  • tutoring two mornings and one evening,
  • two prayer meetings,
  • spinning at a crafting meeting,

And for rug hooking…

  • colour plan border for Lost Soul,
  • dye any fabric I need to dye for the border of Lost Soul,
  • Week 3 of Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs,
  • read Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art,
  • read Karen Wilkin’s Hans Hofmann.
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