I spent yesterday doing some rearranging.  I tried to rearrange my sewing studio upstairs to fit in a chair and my spinning wheel.  I managed to just do it.  But my!  What a claustrophobic mess my studio is!  Maybe if I spin in there enough it will motivate me to clean it up. 🙂

Read more of Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Hans Hofmann.  Will read more today.

I started spinning the Corriedale wool I found in my spinning bags the other day.  It will spin up into a nice Aran weight yarn for hooking.

Hubby was off work yesterday so I did not accomplish much otherwise.  I did have my ESL student in the morning.  We finished syllables and worked on prepositions and speaking.  We decided Friday we would do a cooking class.  She will teach me how to make traditional Korean New Year soup and I will teach her how to make Ginger Cookies.  🙂

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