CtheSinAMy spinning wheel is ‘out-of-order’ until a new part comes in the mail for it.  Guess I will take that as a sign I need to spend more time on rug hooking and my course! 🙂  Yesterday though, I worked on this hat…

WIP-hat-1Finished Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art.  It was interesting.  In it he postulates that certain colours relate to certain sounds from certain instruments.  I had not thought about colour and music being related before.

He elucidates the difference between the colours in terms of opposites on the colour wheel.  And arranges them in a circle with warm on one side and cool colours on the other…and defined black and white as the presence of all colours and the absence of all colour.  And he discusses what all this means for the artist.  He goes into considerable depth on colour in this short book.

He also talks about innovation in the world and man’s role in it.  How man is like an acute triangle moving up an inclined plane.  The tip of the triangle is where new breakthroughs and ideas are happening.  They percolate down to the broader mass of humanity over time.  Until eventually the idea peeters out as new ones come along.  Gradually man continues to move up the inclined plane as more and more new ideas and breakthroughs are discovered.

And he says lots more… 🙂

While the translation I read is a bit rough, it is still fairly easy to follow.  It was a good challenge for my brain to read this short little book.  I recommend this for someone curious about the origins of abstract art.

Now to finish Hans Hofmann.

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