Out-my-window-2Working on another plein air piece looking out my sunroom window at an oak tree with dead leaves still hanging from it.  I’m calling it Pin Oak.

Spent yesterday morning cooking with my ESL student.  The Korean seaweed soup turned out fine.  There is a lot of it.  Good thing we like it.  The gluten free ginger cookies were a bit dry and crumbly this time, for some reason.  Hmm…

Had company this afternoon.  Caught up on things and really enjoyed our time together.  We need to see more of each other.

Tweaked The Neighbours a bit.  Here’s the finished version.  Not sure I won’t tweak it even more before I say it is totally finished!

out-my-window-1Today I will be busy hooking on Pin Oak and visiting with a friend.  🙂

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