WIP-abstract-1Working on one of the exercises in the abstract course I am taking from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  Not entirely sure I like this, but it’s not that bad I guess.  I have a tendency to put too many colours into things.  We’ll see how it turns out and if I want to switch some out.

I love friends.  And you know what a special friend did for me before Christmas?  She knit me these!

Vivien-socksThese are the most comfortable socks EVER!  So nice and cozy for our cold northern winters.  They are gorgeous wool socks.

In the mood of the season I picked up my needles the other day and knit this…

hat-1Yes, it is a lovely toque or hat from some of my homespun yarn.

Hubby and I are busy looking at library books on photography and watching the photography course from the Great Courses.  Joel Sartore is the professor and he does a wonderful job.  He is a National Geographic photographer.


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