My hooking frame came apart on the top part yesterday.  Hubby glued it back together and here’s hoping it will stay put this time!  I let it dry overnight and will try it out again today.

While he was in the mood we also took apart my spinning wheel and put it back together.  It now works like a charm!  Love it when he has days off and can help me.

I took time yesterday to finish the rugs from earlier this month.  Here they are, complete with hanging sleeves attached. 🙂


The last one is a hang over from Christmas. 🙂

A busy day lined up today.  A friend over this morning.  I am undecided whether to go to crafting this afternoon.  My spinning wheel is fixed but I do not know if that is the best use of my time right now.  I do not like to take my rug hooking because it requires so much stuff I don’t really want to haul around.  In the evening I have another meeting to attend, which I may not go to.  We will see.

In fact, I’d rather stay home and get some work done.  I am wanting to finish a sketch for a newsletter cover, and finish hooking my abstract rugs.

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