merino-naturalI spent yesterday afternoon spinning more wool for rug hooking.  I ended up with two beautiful skeins and some singles leftover.

I am watching Deb Menz’s Color Works for Spinners as I hook and go about my studio today.  I am enjoying watching her blend different fibers.  She gives a good grounding in the color wheel and how to use it.  I do not own a drum carder, primarily due to space considerations, but we shall see.  Right now I settle for purchasing other people’s blended fiber to spin.  Unfortunately most batts are blended for knitters, not rug hookers.  So buying my own carder and blending my own fiber has its appeal.

Today I will be busy.  I have a full day in my studio.  I hope to…

  • hook on the border for Lost Soul,
  • finish hooking the abstract rug,
  • finish off the abstract course,
  • plan sky in Prairie Sky rug and check to see if I have enough fiber to hook the rug,
  • sketch the newsletter cover,
  • read some of Wild Fibers magazine,
  • process the yarn from yesterday,
  • start planning rugs for spring sale.  I need to get something on backing for the stores!


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