lost-soul-b&wYou are reading the blog of the newest member of the online Plein Air Hooking group!  Yes, my two pieces Pin Oak and The Neighbours were accepted with my bio for membership to the group.  You can check the group out here. They are looking for new members.  So if you like plein air hooking and can commit to producing some work for the group periodically, contact Lori LaBerge over there with some plein air pieces you’ve hooked and a bio that looks like the ones currently on the site.

I am really excited about this group at the moment because they will be featured in Rug Beat Magazine online next month.  I do not know if my rugs will make it in the magazine as they arrived after the material was sent to the magazine.  But we shall see.

Aside from that I am contemplating the border of Lost Soul again.  What colour to make the knotwork.  It has been frustrating to say the least.  Gold is too bright.  Purple and blue are too dark.  I am thinking a lighter blue perhaps.  I just don’t know.

I did play around online yesterday trying to figure out just exactly what this colour scheme is that I’ve used for Lost Soul.  As far as I can tell it falls under analogous on the Kuler color wheel.  I’m trying to reign it in somewhat as I’m afraid too many colours are going to make it look dreadful.  I’m being very strict with values at the moment, running photographs of the various border options through my black and white filter in Photoshop to see how they affect the overall look of the rug.  If it doesn’t look balanced in black and white, it will not look good in colour.

One thing about all this colour planning.  Things get in a mess real fast…


I will have to spend some time cleaning up today or tomorrow.

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