ceramic-figureLet’s see how I did…

  • hook on the border for Lost Soul – Decided to make the knotwork purple.
  • finish hooking the abstract rug – DONE
  • finish off the abstract course – I’m on the last two or three activities.  Waiting for it to warm up a bit the beginning of next week before heading outside to take photos.
  • plan sky in Prairie Sky rug – DONE
  • check to see if I have enough fiber to hook Prairie Sky – Today’s action
  • sketch the newsletter cover – DONE
  • read some of Wild Fibers magazine – DONE
  • process the yarn I finished spinning and plying – DONE
  • start planning rugs for spring sale.  I need to get something on backing for the stores! – DONE
  • joined the Plein Air group – DONE
  • finished reading Hans Hofmann by Karen Wilkin – DONE
  • finished knitting a hat from my homespun for myself – DONE

So heading into next week I want to be:

  1. hooking the border on Lost Soul,
  2. preparing fiber for Prairie Sky,
  3. sketching poppies and spring landscapes for rugettes,
  4. finishing the abstract course,
  5. reading more of Wild Fibers, and
  6. hooking spring rugettes for the stores.
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