WIP-lost-soul-border-1Had a wonderful time sketching poppies and landscapes.  Put them on backing for my spring rugs.

Also spent time hooking the border of Lost Soul.  There is a lot of it!

I learned something new the other day.  I was looking through Deb Menz’s “Color Works” book and found the color harmony cut outs at the back.  One of them was labeled “hexad”.  I have never heard of that before!  So I pulled the cutout out of the book and plopped it down on her color wheel, and guess what I got?!  Yep!  The colours for Lost Soul were peeping through the cutout holes!  So I guess my color scheme is known as a hexad color scheme.  Learn something new every day…

I also picked out the fiber for Prairie Sky.  I will not have to hit the dye pots. There is more than enough!  I am trying to cut back a bit on the amount of fiber I have in storage.  Hopefully this will make a dent in it.

New rugs are up on the website for sale. If you’re interested in anything email me and we will see what we can do. 🙂

I am so excited about this spring’s rug hooking!  I hope it turns out well.


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