I will take the rest of today and the weekend, and possibly into next week to rest and recover.  I have books to read and drawings to sketch.  All fodder for future rugs.

I cancelled my tutoring for the next week and am embarking on a very relaxing few days.  I am reading “One Simple Act” by Debbie Macomber, a book a friend gave me to read while in hospital, that I never got around to reading.  I had lots of friends stop by, which was nice.  And since coming home I’ve fielded a few phone calls.  I must admit I’m glad to be home.  The hospital is a pretty boring place to sketch.

I am also reading Wild Fibers “Looking into Oman” vol. 9, issue 1.  It’s a fascinating look at Oman.

I am going to have hubby open the curtains and blinds so I can see outside and maybe do some plein air sketching from my bed.  We’ll see what’s out there first! lol  Might be nothing but rooftops.

Hope everyone heads into the weekend happy and has a great time.  I am happy to be home and recuperating.  Take care.

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