Prairie Sky rug skySoon it will look like this, surely!

I picked up my hook again yesterday and tried it on Lost Soul and the never-ending border.  I think there is a reason I don’t like borders in rugs. 🙂

I knit more on my garter stitch scarf.

I am doing so well that I am planning a few hours of hooking related work on Thursday.  And possibly a full day of hooking related activity Friday.  We’ll see.

Soooo…what needs to be done?

  • Work on Beginning to Hook Abstract Rugs course.  I am on lesson 4 – hooking a design from one of my outdoor photos.
  • Hook on Lost Soul border.
  • Read Wild Fibers.
  • Sketch more rug designs.
  • Knit garter stitch scarf.
  • Select fiber for poppies.
  • Select fiber for spring landscapes.
  • Work on Prairie Sky.
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