WIP-Dead-of-Winter-1I think I must be heartily sick of winter.  I designed a series of small wall hangings with such delightful names as “Dead of Winter”, “Pregnant Pause”, “Growth Potential”, “Frostbite”, and an evocative title “Peek-a-boo”!  Then there’s such unoriginal names as “Wood Pile”.  And let’s not forget “Plastered” and “Pot Potential”!  Sigh, it was a good day for names that day! lol  Might have to change a few of those… sigh…

However, on the good news front, I finished going through one stack of magazines for my sketchbook and tossed the remains into recycling.  I now want to make headway on taking notes from my International Artist magazines before passing them onto someone else who could use them.


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