Rose-sketchStill recuperating. Oh so tired sometimes, but other times very awake and able to do things.

I did not really do much that was fiber related yesterday. But I did work hard on a gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free cookbook I’ve been putting together. I had three people ask about it yesterday, so I decided to just print copies on my computer printer and sell them for $10 CAD in loose leaf format. To actually have them printed costs a fair bit of money hubby doesn’t think we should spend unless there is more of a demand. I agree. Minimum print run is 100 copies at a printer’s.

Today it is back to fiber! I will be modifying the design for “Dead of Winter”. I am unhappy with the composition and balance of the piece. I will hook on it some more as well.

If I planned my rugs carefully ahead of time I could probably avoid these last minute changes. But there is something about working the design out on backing that is more immediate and gratifying for me. It makes the work more gestural.

One of the issues we rug hookers have is that it is easy to become tight and tense on our grid backing with wide cut strips. It takes some skill and finesse to create smooth, flowing, energetic curved lines. I am still learning how to do this.


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