WIP-DoW-4Someone came and saw Dead of Winter and did not recognize what it was.  I guess that means I succeed in doing abstract???  lol  I don’t know.  I will work on making the leaves more recognizable I guess.  Though dead leaves are pretty hard to make recognizable with a #6 cut fabric.  I’m actually tempted to make them even less recognizable and just go with a colour interpretation of winter.

I worked on the snow in the pot yesterday.  Today will be the lower part of the rug.  I may change the design even yet…  Just not sure about this one.

Back to spinning again today…silk/alpaca.  Should be fun!

These lovely flowers were brought to cheer me up.  I hope they cheer you up too and give you something to sketch this cold March day (well, here it’s cold!).

flowers-1 flowers-2 flowers-3 flowers-4 flowers-5

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