WIP-Poppy-2Today is hubby’s birthday.  He is working late and I am planning a bit of a surprise.  He will be tired when he comes home, but maybe it will make him smile. 🙂

Meanwhile…I re-hooked that second poppy rugette.  I just couldn’t stand it the other way.

For today?

  • hook another poppy,
  • organize hubby’s birthday,
  • read more International Artist and Wild Fibers,
  • sketch in my sketchbook,
  • pull out some fiber to prepare for dyeing!  Yes, it’s that time of year again…well, time to get busy and dye more wool.  I am running out of light, pastel, and bright colours.  Particularly pale blues.  So I’m in the mood to do some dyeing.  Hopefully come Saturday I’ll have the energy too.
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