web-dye-job-y-g-1Here is the dye job from yesterday.  I will overdye at least one of these yellows as they look light for my purposes.

And I finished this Prairie Sky – Sunset 4 rugette.  I have started another Prairie Sky – Paisley design.


It has grown cold here again, so I have put away my dye equipment until it is warm enough to open windows again…hopefully sometime next week.

Hubby and I had a talk about vacations this year.  We had wanted to go see the Special Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. this summer as my niece is competing.  However that will probably not happen now.  We are thinking a quiet retreat in a cabin somewhere might be better for me, and him.  Preferably one within driving distance.  I actually think it could be a good time for me to work on my sketchbook and finish some of my class projects from various online courses I’ve taken.  Also an opportunity to read.  It would probably mean getting away from the Internet as well.  That would be good for us too.

I was happy to receive my greeting cards yesterday.  I have some orders ready to go.  I look forward to selling these at a local festival this year.


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