WIP-PS-D4I finished Prairie Sky – Diamonds 4 onto another rugette.  Need to check my sales records to see which ones are selling best and hook more of them.  Right now I have an Altocumulus on the frame, but I am not sure how well those are selling.

Tried to overdye one of the pieces of yellow fabric yesterday, but it did not work.  Today, if I have time, I will do it again.

Read some more of International Artist 90 yesterday and made notes.  There is actually a lot we rug hookers can learn from the art world and art magazines.  International Artist is one of the best teaching magazines in the art world.   I find it very useful in designing my work.

The plastic sleeves for my greeting cards arrived and they are too small.  Sigh.  I accounted for the width of the cards, but not the envelope and the depth of both combined.  Today I must phone the company and ask how to do an exchange.



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