Ready-to-finishI have the rugettes from last week all pressed and ready to sew up.  That will be my activity for Crafting this week…some handwork to finish.  I will need to sew sleeves for all of them as well.  Plus I have some more spring rugettes to hook this week.  I love being able to be busy again!

Spring-yellows spring-pattern Spring-greensI am busy planning our summer vacation with hubby.  I am already mega excited and it is four months away!  We still do not know where we want to go, but we have definite ideas of what we want to do when we get there.  Hopefully we can pick a nice private place within driving distance to do some fun work and relax.   Hubby wants to spend the time writing and I want to spend time with photography and my sketchbook…finishing off some courses I started in previous years.  I might even take my spinning wheel…we’ll see.  I will definitely take books to read.  My laptop will go, but we are honestly looking for a place without Internet, so we do not have that to distract us.


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