WIP-Spring-1aI started hooking spring rugettes yesterday.  I did not get too far.  Too much to do with hubby off work.  We ran errands in the morning and I napped most of the afternoon, recuperating!  However I did manage to start this puppy before the sun set.

I like to hook in natural daylight so I can see the nuances of the colours and textures I put in my small rugs.  It prevents me having to pull out loops the next day when the sun comes up and I realize I have the wrong fiber in the wrong place!

In my studio this week…

  • hook spring rugettes,
  • finish the edges of the Prairie Sky rugettes,
  • tag the Prairie Sky rugettes and label them,
  • finish the edges of the poppy rugettes,
  • tag the poppy rugettes and label them,
  • finish the edges on a few of the spring rugettes,
  • tag the spring rugettes and label them,
  • GOAL = to have the rugettes up to the store by Friday.
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