Hanging-Sleeves-equipment But the actual day didn’t quite transpire as planned yesterday.  I realized I had errands I had to run while hubby was home from work and I had our one car.  After a morning of sitting in a medical lab waiting for lab work to be done, I came home for lunch and a nap, and headed out shopping for exercise clothes and new gym shoes.  I’ve enrolled in a gym.  I am hoping for great things from this.  Well, maybe even moderate things would do!

I did manage to sew the hanging sleeves together and press them, all ready for attaching to the rugettes, which has become today’s job.

I also printed off the tags.  I will put them together and hunt up pins to attach them to the rugs.

I also need to cut the oak dowels I use for hanging and sand their ends.  That will probably be tomorrow’s job.  Lots to do!  And I have my energy back.  So happy!


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