_MG_1006_0827I am preparing for a full week, in fact, a full month ahead as I create a body of work for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  This week I am…

  1. hooking five rugettes,
  2. going to the gym twice, possibly three times,
  3. helping with ESL tutoring one evening at the church – if I’ve finished my rugette for the day,
  4. entertaining company one day (I’m double booked Tuesday all day),
  5. crafting one afternoon…not sure what I will take this week.
  6. And then there is Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, for both of which I will be singing in the choir.
  7. Possibly attending a prayer vigil at the church.

Not sure how much rug hooking I’ll fit in there, but it’s got to be a least a rugette a day.  I may be hooking into the night this week.


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